problem with calendar widget.........

hi all,

i have 2 column, Time_From and Time_To,both have data type Time, i drage them at screen its show 00:00:00,but when i clicks they show complete calendar,when i select value it shows complete data time.and it does not allow me to type value(just can select)...but i wana show user to only time,so he/she can select time_from and time_to from two boxes.....

any help..............

Regard Israr....
Hi Israr,
I wolud suggest you to remove the calendar widget. the calendar widget is great for date variables, but when the time is in there its hard to use.
So if you remove the calendar widget you can type the time manualy under the format hh:mm:ss
if you want to ignore the seconds part you need to have the variable of type text you ask the user to introduce  the hh:mm time format, then in background you add the ':00' correspondig to the seconds and use the function TextToTime()

Hope that this help,

Carlos Rocha
I agree with Carlos. The calendar widget isn't very "time friendly".

What I usually do is build a function that receives an integer N, and returns a recordlist with values in the range [00..N].
Then use that function to populate two combo boxes, one with values [00..23] and the other [00..59].

Then in the background I do as Carlos says and build the time format: TextToTime(hourValue + ":" + minuteValue + ":00")

This way I can make sure the user doesn't insert rubbish where a time should be.

thanks both of you for your time and nice seems easy.....

Hi Israr,
In this kind  of situation I usualy use a jquery solution thats place in the widget the format of the time, and the user just need to type the digits, it's some kind of mask.
It's much more "user frendly" than the calendar widget
Carlos Rocha
Hi Carlos,

i got your first one idea and seems easy,actually i am new, not only at agile but also in programming, some months ago i have completed the BSCS,
and i sent you a msg in your inbox ,may be you did not read that.....was a question..

thank you for helping always....

I dind't receive it. There are somo problem with those messages and me... I don't know why but i'm not allowed to send private messages...
if you want you can send the questions directly to me

Best regards
Carlos Rocha