How do hybrid updates for Mobile Apps work under the hood?
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I am looking for some info on how hybrid updates (when the user gets an update without having to go via the app/play store) work under the hood.

Specifically, which Cordova plugins are being used? Where can I read more about them?  Have they been significantly altered?

I'm asking mostly out of curiosity, because I can't find much reference as to how this works on the forums or documentation.

Hi Charise,

Did you checked this technical preview on how to configure mobile apps to receive hybrid updates .

I hope this will answers your doubts.

To know more about Hybrid mobile Apps check this Outsystems blog. 



Although the blog is interesting (thanks!), this doesn't answer my original question. 

I'd like to know how hybrid updates work under the hood, if possible. So, which technologies are used? Is it anything like Microsoft's CodePush for Cordova and React Native apps? Maybe it uses Microsoft's CodePush?

That's what I'm looking for.

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