PWA doesn't work on iOS devices
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.7 (Build 60881)
Platform Version
11.10.4 (Build 29616)


The following error was raised when we tried to open a PWA app in iPhone 13 iOS v15 safari.

"Your app requires native access to a Local Storage database that is not available in your browser. Please test your app in your mobile device."

The same issue also occurred when we created a simple PWA app with just an empty screen to ensure there is no local storage had been used.

Another post stated that an advanced 'Disable Web SQL' permission needs to be unchecked in the Safari settings, however, this setting is no longer available. 

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Is the problem on any iPhone or yon yours specially?

Could you share the URL to run install the PWA.

I have seen many people installing a PWA on the home screen of there iPhone without any problem.




Thanks for the response.

So far we couldn't install the PWA app in two iOS devices (iPhone 13 and iPad 6), both with iOS version 15.5.

Here is the URL of the app:

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Hi @Daniël Kuhlmann,

I found that PWA is running well for devices with OS version < 13 as shown in the screenshot below

And here is what happens when the app is installed on the latest iOS devices:

From our investigation, it seems to be caused by websql that is not supported anymore. And there is no option to disable the websql from Settings.

Do you have any suggestions?



PWA doesn't install in iOS

If you're using Platform Server 11.7 or earlier and iOS 13 and later, you should either:

  • Upgrade to Platform Server 11.8 or later.

  • Disable Web SQL. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features > and make sure Disable Web SQL is off.

PWA isn't working in iOS 13.0 to 13.2

There's an iOS bug that prevents PWAs from running correctly in the iOS versions 13.0 to 13.2. To fix the issue, use iOS 13.3 or later.

Refer the link

Hi Mukul,

The Platform has been upgraded to 11.10 and the iOS version is 15.5 (latest). 

Thus, this might be something under the hood within the PWA.

Here is the sample app that I tried to install:

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