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    I am new to OutSystems. Anyone please provide me a perfect, basic and easy to understand example on many to many relationships.

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You can in OutSystems not directly create a many-to-many relationship between entities.

Instead, you need a third entity with two foreign keys to each of the primary key of the two entities which have a logical many-to-many relationship.

In addition, you can set an index, and decide if the combination of the 2 foreign keys should be unique or not.

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Hy @Shubham Singh Chauhan 

In Outsystem we have to create a junction entity so that we can hold the identifiers of tables.

First, we need to create the entities ( Tables) . after that create one more entity ( junction entity ) and create its attribute ( Right click add attribute ), and in the data type dropdown select the entity identifier you want to hold a reference.

follow these steps to add more attributes to your junction table.



@Gourav Shrivastava 

Thanks @Gourav Shrivastava I got the answer.

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