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Good morning !

I need help to figure out if my scenario is possible to be done:

I have an app which is made in angularjs and in the app I use one outsystems rest api to do business logic in backend. To encrypt the data and send it encrypted to the rest api service it´s fine, no problem, but the problem is that I can´t decrypt it in OutSystems because the Rest API don´t allow me to use the javascript from the CryptoJS library. I also tried to use only the decrypt function from CryptoAPI from forge but it doesn´t work.

Do you guys have any idea on how can I decrypt data on rest api service on outsystems when the data comes encrypted from my angularjs app ? In time: I´m using O10. 

Thank you

Hello Guilherme,

Hope to find you well.

Are you trying to decrypt an hash?

Best Regards


Hello José, 

thanks for replaying.

I´m using crypto-js library to encrypt the data in my angularjs app. The library has a function to decrypt it passing the secret key.

Here´s the example extracted from the github of the library:

var CryptoJS = require("crypto-js");

// Encrypt

var ciphertext = CryptoJS.AES.encrypt('my message', 'secret key 123').toString();

// Decryptvar 

bytes  = CryptoJS.AES.decrypt(ciphertext, 'secret key 123');

var originalText = bytes.toString(CryptoJS.enc.Utf8);

console.log(originalText); // 'my message'

The main problem here is that I can´t use CryptoJS.AES.decrypt  function on OutSystems, because I would need to add the javascript there and use it on the rest api service.

Hello Guilherme,

Yes, actually on a REST API you won't be able to use the Crypto-js to decrypt the message.

You mentioned that you tried to use CryptoAPI and it didn't worked, to guarantee the compatibility between the crypto-js and CryptoAPI to encrypt/decrypt, you need to make sure both libraries are using the same hash algorithm, the same message code authentication and the same padding scheme, so make sure crypto is using:

•    The AES-256;

•    HMAC for message code authentication.

•    PKCS7 padding (is the default scheme).

Hope it helps.



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