Quick Base to Outsystems as a Single Developer but not my "day job"

Hi everyone,

I own a midsize family business with about 40 people.  I am a tech savvy person although not a developer (but always been interested in it) and developed an ERP system for my company in quick base to manage projects, financials associated with projects, IT assets, etc.  It is quite complex at this point, by Quick Base standards.  I get a lot of push back due to the nature of quick base.  They are very dated looking, the mobile functionality is non-existent, and the navigation is terrible.  It is a super easy platform that is super limiting.  It is very simple so I can maintain this app myself on top of my "day job" of running the business and often take Fridays and Saturdays to integrate new features as they are requested.

I have been looking at outsystems and mendix and wondering if anyone has any experience coming from quick base.  As a single developer who is a business person and not a developer (but tech savvy) thoughts on if outsystems is too complex to be practical?  In my review and comparison Mendix seems simpler but less capable but that might just be me.

One last detail is I have a PC at home but mac for work.  And therefore it seemed outsystems with a native mac client for service studio would work better but obviously the mendix route is plausible through parallels.  

Just looking for thoughts on all of this.  My first step would be to dive into the learning paths to get up to speed but trying to do some research before I commit so many hours to that.

As outsystems as far as I can tell is significantly more expensive than quick base I would not have budget for professional development help at least on the front side.  Maybe for some specialized projects down the road or integration help like with quick books.

Had few contact with Mendix and I finded it's interesting. Know some people who work with both, but here OS has a much bigger market. Anyway, guess that maybe here isn't the best place to compare them. But about the 'complexity', it all depends of the idea (and its business rules) and your knowledge on development / architecture.

I guess let me clarify. For me this more jump from quick base to outsystems vs mendix vs outsystems.   I built a fairly complex ERP system in quick base. But the navigation and mobile is tough. It is a super easy development environment as it is a very controlled UI. Very simple security, business logic is very limited. So it is basically plop a ui interface attached to a database attribute and done. 

It gets the job done. But I feel like its limits hold back my users at times from using it more. Some processes are cumbersome in there because of UI. Some people do somethings out of the system due to ease and speed. And for my team that is mobile 90 percent of the time they avoid it like the plague. 

But I am a principal in my company that likes tech, i am not a developer or code writer but it interests me enough to learn. 

Can a citizen developer survive in this on their own? The power seems significant but it seems like I need to be thinking a lot more about security, error handling, architecture which are all things that dont require any thinking in quick base. 

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