Indexes in Outsystems
Service Studio Version
11.53.8 (Build 60995)

This is the question related to use of Indexes in Outsystems. I have gone through the documentation but I can only know how to use it in entity for enhancement. But I really don’t know it’s purpose and practical use case.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Ferdinand Lorenz

Check this Documentation for the implementation of indexes.

In OutSystems, you can model a database index in the entity element.

But, For you to know why it is used then I can only say it is a concept mostly used in RDBMS (i.e. relational Database) and it's not an Outsystems concept. 

In Outsystem it is a best practice : Create indexes for the most commonly used attributes to improve the overall query speed. However, be aware that indexes cause inserts and updates to take longer. 

For it's use case please go through above link it has use cases.

For more information from basic to advance I would suggest you to search it on Internet.

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Hi Rasika,

I have already gone through this link. Thanks for your response.

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