To show selected row from table in Popup Widget for edit
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I want to update particular row from the table using Popup widget. But each time when the popup opens, it shows the same first row to edit and not the selected row.

How to edit and update the selected particular row of the table using Popup Widget ?





you can do that by doing a logic on you click of table data

here I have created oml please have a look 

Link -

I hope his helps



Thank you again ! Its working now. It took lot of time even after you shared oml file .


You're welcome, I did share the link with with the sample, the best thing is you are able to archive what you wanted.

 Glad to help you :)

 Kind regards,

 Tousif khan

@Vishal Gangwal 

You have to set  TabledataId as input parameter to click action. In on click action, you have to pass that value to the input parameter of screen and make Boolean variable true which you use to show Pop-up .

In Pop-up you have to take one form weight with update /save button . Use input parameter for filter the aggregate and use aggregate in form .On click of save button you have to run server action CreateOrUpdate , refresh table and make Boolean variable false which you use to show Pop-up.



Thank you !


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