Popup doesnt show data when use navigation

Hello All,

So my pop up doesnt show data when i used navigation bar..
The example like this , assume i have 6 data, the max records is 5 .

So when i click the data in the first navigation (1) the pop up will show data like this..

And when i move to the second navigation (2) , the pop up will doesnt show up data like the screenshot i attached below,  

Any suggestion guys? Thankyou
Best regards,

Hi Bhetrand Dwilangga ,

Can you check what value have you passed in the navigation->Total Count properties, if it's your aggregate/data source count parameter and not any other value? See screenshot for reference.

If possible please share your oml file for better understanding.

Hello, sorry i cant to share my oml because the size is bigger than 4mb anyway, for the total count i thought there are no mistake at that part, since i already change it to my aggregate
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