Access api from Jump server

Hi Team,

I have a api created on a jump server. i need to consume it in my outsystems application . when i tried to use the link to consume the api , it is showing the below error . can some one please suggest what i need to do 




Is the rest service you created public accessible through the internet? I guess not.

So that is the reason, if you are using OutSystems in the cloud, the only way that OutSystems can consume your REST service is if it can connect to the computer (remote server) on which the service runs.

You need to host your service in the cloud, with solutions like Azure or AWS, or other solution.

Alternatively, if you do this on an OutSystems enterprise infrastructure you can request a VPN to be configured between the OutSystems cloud and your local network.



Hi Daniel,

The api sits on the workbench inside Jump server and the data ideally would be coming through aws. i tested the api on the jump server using postman and they are working fine while i am unable to access them outside the jump server which is the point of creating them inside jump server in the first place.

Based on your suggestions, We also tried to open the port 3000 to be able to access the API from outside but it did'nt work. even tried to use the ec2 link to access the api but it wasn't fruitful. 

Could you suggest what i can do to make my API's work

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