PostgreSQL error with uuid
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.52.7 (Build 60395)
Platform Version
11.16.0 (Build 35766)


We created a connection with Integration builder to a PostgreSQL DB.
The connection is working and we can retrieve data from de DB.

as soon as I want to update a table with a UUID in it, it gives the following error:

42804: column "<column>" is of type UUID but the expression is of type text 

Has anyone a solution for this?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

If UUID is not null then you didn't face any problem. suppose If you are trying to pass null values the column then you should receive these errors because you have used PostgreSql DB.

It seems that NULL is converted to an empty String. That's why you have received the error as 

"column "<column>" is of type UUID but the expression is of type text "


Thanks for the reply.

In this case, the column always has a uuid.
I've checked this in the debugger and the column isn't empty

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