Service Studio hasn't been compatible with windows11 yet ?

I changed my windows10 pc into windows11 pc.

I wanted to install Service Studio but it seem like they haven't provide service studio that is compatible with windows11 yet according to what I heard.

I wonder if they are scheduled to release the one of windows11 version anytime soon...

Have you ever heard of that?

Hello @Tsubasa 
I have Service Studio Beta Version 11.53.8 and I am using it on my Windows 11 OS , till now I haven't face any major issues.

Hi Tousif,

Thanks. That means Service Studio works even on Windows11 OS with the current release version !

I realized that thanks to you.

I wonder since when we got to use it on windows 11.

I suppose maybe Service Studio got to be compatible with it at some version.

I see.



Yes, for me also the latest version seems to be working on Windows 11.




This question was asked recently,

But I have already reported on the 11th of July, to OutSystems that they should update the official documentation on the latest support MacOS and Windows versions, on the following documentation page.



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