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Hi all, 

I pretend to build a action that I can reuse to export excel files.

I'm using this action from the library (excel-package) to build an excel to export and just for curiosity there is any way to count the number of columns (from an aggregate or a list with n attributes) to input in ColumnEnd parameter? Any built-in function or simple logic?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi Pedro,

you could do some creative stuff with json or xml serializations of your entity or list item.

See attached oml for a small beginning, but you'd have to work out dealing with lists that have multiple entities in them and stuff like that.


Stuff on client side is probably not what you want, your logic runs on server side, right ?


Hi Dorine,

First of all thank you for your answer.

It's very useful and I will do some manipulation with xml serializations because as you said my logic runs on server side.

Many thanks.


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