Failed to deserialize JSON to exportDataRecordList: maximum call stack size exceeded

when importing a file larger than 5mb this is error message pops up and it stops at the JSON Deserialize action but this only happens in android and its working fine in iOS.


Hi Jeanne,

I wouldn't directly say it's an Android problem. When on a mobile device, resource to deserialize values is used from the device, such as available RAM and processing power. Also, the availability of these resources can vary between the devices, depending on apps running in the background and such. Did you test this with similar iOS and Android devices with the same strengths in memory and processing power? 

What is it exactly you are trying to import? Would it be possible to save the data first to a staging record first, and run a process in the background which saves the data?

I'd be interested to know what kind of process is going on here. 


Michiel van Lokven

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