Resources Different eSpace Actions

I have a public action on eSpace "A", this action use a file that i put on the resources of eSpace "A".
When i call this actions from another eSpace ("B" or "C") i got an error "Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Serv...'", he is trying to get the file from the folder of the eSpace "B" or "C" instead of eSpace "A" folder.

Its there a way to resolve this?

I dont use this file in the eSpace "B" or "C" because its a file use by 4 eSpace and i just put in the eSpace "A" where all of the another eSpaces consumes actions from this eSpace.
Hi Hugo,

Inside your action define the path to the resource as '/eSpaceA/resource.ext', instead of just 'resource.ext' (wich is probably what you have now)
Hi António,

I need to put a binary and i just use binary = resources.file_ext, i am not using binary = "file.ext".