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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.53.9 (Build 61018)

Since upgrading to 11.53.9, the Test Output tab in SQL query nodes no longer shows results; although the query runs successfully and confirms a result count.

Anyone else experiencing this? 


Worked good for me today, i know this is not helping you directly tough.


The time it takes to answer is much (much, much ... much) longer than before but, eventually,  the list is shown.

best regards



Try use less fields when testing, it speeds the answer a little bit. G.



Check if you have more records in the entity as before, check if you have the right indexes defined to optimized the search for data.



Thanks for your responses.

It's an unusual side-effect of the most recent changes in this area of Service Studio: as the screenshot shows, 57 results are found (the max result count was set to 75) - which indicates to me the query is complete and the data should be 'available' to display.

The time taken between hitting Test and seeing the result count is not the issue (a few seconds in this case, which is perfectly acceptable), but the screenshot was taken approximately eight minutes after the result count appeared - which is an unnatural amount of time to just display data, assuming the query is truly complete and not still executing in the background.

I didn't wait any longer for the results to display: after eight minutes I think it was fair to assume that there was possibly an issue somewhere behind the scenes. Previous versions of Service Studio would display result sets of 300-400 records (same query, same parameters, same output structure) within 20-30 seconds.

Would this now be expected behaviour in 11.53.9?

Thanks. L

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