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I have a list with 50 items, for each item expression I'm calling one client action which is function type helps to current item name to masked name. 


I'm directly setting if condition on list item to show masked or unmasked item name.

Please help me find which one is the best approach and doesn't affect performance??

Calling Client Action 50 times vs 50 time If Condition?

Thanks In Advance

Senthil N P

Hi Bootup OS,

In my opinion, creating a client method and using it as a common function is a better option because of the following reasons:

1. Easy Maintainance of code . In the future, if you need to make any change, you just need to do it in one place instead of doing it in 50 places.

2. Simple and easy code and OutSystems also suggest reusing the code if possible. Also, it increases the performance as well.

Hi Senthil,

How are you!

Anyhow if you add a client action, you have to put condition inside the client action right?

In my opinion, You can go ahead with IF condition. I don't think it will kill the performance.

- Aravind


Hi Senthil,

What do you mean with items, columns or rows?



Hi Daniel,

It's Rows

Item[0] - {Name: 0000, age: 00}

Item[1] - {Name: 0001, age: 01}....

Item[50] - {Name: 0050, age: 50}

I need to apply for Name attribute in each Row.


I would not over optimize before, unless you think you see that using a function is not performant.

Lets be honest it is not a lot of work to redo if the function not turns out to be not performant.

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