Read some posts about naming the physical tables without the espace id etc. There are some posts that mention config files and even one that links to an -outdated?- help file where an entity property exists where you can edit the physical table name.

But how do you this in 6.0 (community) ?

Regards, Harry
Hi Harry.

Why would you want to do that in the first place (edit the table name)?

Anyway in this post you can see how to do it (it's still valid for 6 for what I could check)

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Hi Pedro,

The reason is that there may be other applications (reporting, charting, etc.) from which you have to point to the tables. In our case we have a telephony outbound system where tables must have a specific name (dialer_project_name_calllist).

As I can see it at some point you could change the physical tablename in ServiceStudio as an entity property. Anyone knows why that has changed?

Regards, Harry

for that scenario, you should build a Services Layer to integrate instead. To avoid future problems with systems integrations, do it right  from the beginning!

Hi Ricardo,

New to AP I don't know exactly what you mean by creating a service layer. Can you explain this? I know I can integrate existing tables via Integration studio, but then I'm losing the benefits of AP's entity management I guess (but perhaps that's the downside of wanting 'true' physical tablenames) ?

Regards, Harry