No data to display when using empty sourcedatapointlist for highcharts plotting
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Hi All,

I'm creating a column and pie chart using highcharts customization. When I use an empty list for SourceDataPointList it shows "No Data to display". and If I pass a dummy entity which has certain values, it shows me that data for the first few columns and then numbers as 1,2,3,..... I don't understand the logic behind this. Any help is appreciated.

emptylist - empty list passed in SourceDataPointList

you can see the charts in browser :

I've used column chart with drilldown and pie chart with drilldown with dummy data present in below links:

OML attached. 

Aman Devrath



Hi Aman Devrath,

You will definitely get a "No Data to display" message when you assign an empty list to the source point. 

There is no data to display behind the chart visualization is because OutSystems initializes the default configuration before rendering and updating the chart with advanced JSON configurations. 

It is not a good idea to pass values both ways. 

Furthermore, OutSystems' high chart component does not support drilling down.

I have made some changes to your OML for drill-down implementation attached in this thread. 

I hope it helps you.


Hi @Gee Kay ,

That worked perfectly. Thank you. 

I was able to make drilldown work using highcharts in outsystems, apparently had to add an external script 'drilldown.js'. But it's a hit and miss. sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't. Your way is really good. 

some questions :
1. I have multiple entities from which I'm getting values as x and y series. I'm passing them dynamically so can this work with the way you showed. 
2. My application is like a KPI tool showing around 12 charts. is it okay to generate them through scripts and not through outsystems charts or highchart?
3. Do I need to add any external scripts for highcharts as drilldown needs drilldown.js?
4. is this way efficient and fast as my application would be used by business users and they do not need any idle time?
5. how much data can this handle?


Aman Devrath

1. Yeah you can. After fetching the data prepare the same structure which chart series data required and pass as an input parameter then injects it into the script.

2. You can use the javascript library to achieve your expectation when there are no components available or not supported as expected.

3. Yes, it is a kind of add-on feature of the high chart so you have to add an external supporting script or library.

4. It is fast and the same way as the OS component.

5. I haven't tried with huge size of data. I hope it will render if the data is in a proper format.

Hi @Gee Kay 

Thank you for the help and your reply. Marking as the solution. 


Aman Devrath

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