How to save an image in my mobile local device after clicking picture?

I have a web app screen where the camera is opened when the clicks on the icon. Once the picture is clicked and user clicks on save it needs to be available in a folder. I have used a plugin called File Plugin specified the path but after clicking the image its not storing in my device.

Down below is the thing I have tried

How do I solve this issue? 

Hi Bhargav, 
I have faced this scenario before. The files will be stored in Internal Storage.

For Example: In the below image I have configured the action to save the file in Download folder. 

The files can be found under the following path
This PC\<Your Phone>\Internal shared storage\Android\data\<your app identifier>\files\Download

But by default the Camera Plugin, have Save Image option. You just have to set the SaveToPhotoAlbum property to True


I have tried as you specified and there is nothing inside my Android > data folder. Down below is my attached oml file


Hi Bhargav,

Please find the attached OML File for your reference.


Thank you so much this worked a lot.

Hi Bhargav, 
I'm glad to know that issue is solved . 

I am furious to know whether it can be used in PWA

Not possible to access device internal storage to write files using FilePlugin 

Thank you. I am trying to load the image which i have clicked using the file viewer plugin. I have created a button and tried the below but could not see the image.


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