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Hi community,

We currently have one webblock to handle log-in. We then place this webblock in the login screen for both reactive and mobile applications and users are able to login. We are looking for a way to save/reduce AOs (current license is based on AO's) and wonder if we can create a public screen containing login logic to use in multiple applications (both reactive and mobile). 

  • It is possible to set a screen to public but is it possibile to use this public screen as the default login screen in a application (for both reactive and mobile)? If yes, what is the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bart,

As a default in Reactive apps, the Login screen is in the Template module, which means that this screen is cloned every time you create a Reactive application.

If you want your applications to share a login screen, you can create a Style Guide where you have the Login screen in the Theme module instead of in the Template modules.

Here is a link of a lesson that really helped me to understand this:

Let me know if this was clear,


Hi Pedro,

I never realised it was working like this. Things can be so simple sometimes :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Glad it helped! And to create the template modules you need to add the prefix Template_<module_name> so the platform understands that that module is a template and is available when you want to create a new app.

It's all explained here:

Have a nice weekend :)

Hi Pedro,

One more question regarding this topic. I did recreate the example in the video to understand what is happening but by default when I do login I am redirected to an error page since there is no default entry defined in the module where to login screen is. 

In the login flow I do see there is a RedirectToURL defined but this is not working correctly by default. Is this correct and should I write my own code to redirect to the correct page or am I missing something?

Well, before you had one Login screen for each application and when you logged in you were redirected to the default screen of that specific application.

Now, you have one login screen that is being reused by several applications, so you need to define in the RedirectToURL action to which screen the user should go.

What probably happened was that the GetOwnerURLPath was trying to get the default screen of your theme module and there was none.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Have a nice day :-)

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