Service Studio Development - Automate Action Creation

TL;DR: Is there any way to automatically create actions in Service Studio? Through a trigger, or a script, etc.


Hi! I've been using Outsystems for almost a couple years now and I am looking for ways to improve my workflow within Service Studio.

Whenever I am working on a project, and create a new entity, I find it useful to create a couple wrapper server actions for the Create and Update of that entity, where I can sanitize the inputs and do necessary validations.

While the actions are quick and easy to make, it starts to become tedious when there are a lot of entities, and most of them are pretty similar to each other.

So what I'm wondering is if there is a way of automating this process. Is there any way to automatically create actions in Service Studio? Maybe as a result of some kind of trigger (screen creation, entity creation, etc.), or a manual trigger (clicking a button in Service Studio, running a script, etc.).

I have tried to search for some way to do this, but have only found a couple abandoned threads from a few years back discussing something similar. 

I wonder if maybe there is a configuration setting, or a template I could create, or some command line tool, or an API, or even an external tool that could do it. I think if there is, it could be useful for other cases, but this is the one that I face most commonly.



Hello Ricardo,

This is a very common need, so much that I get the CRUDs out of the way as soon as we have a starting idea for the data model and the Core modules are created for an app. I don't believe there's an API or any other automation tool to do this. I just copy-paste the first set of CRUDs and change the references.



I am pretty sure there are some sort of APIs as OutSystems builders generate modules of code. But these APIs, if exist are not available for us developers, only for OutSystems themselves i guess.

You could try an RPA tool to automate some tasks in OutSystems. 



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