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I have a table widget that contains all the dates of the selected month and year along with some other data to display and I have a entity "Holidays" that contains all the holidays in the year. What I want to do is change the background color of the row(s) that is a holiday (corresponding to the date and the date in the holiday entity). Like for eg: 

There is a holiday marked on 15th August in the Holidays entity , then the background color of row that contains the cell which have 15th August date should be changed. How can I do this

@Anshul Jain

I understood your question.

you have to add css class on Row cell like this, 

If((Date  = "Holiday", "HighlightHoliday","")

"HighlightHoliday"  is a class which you need to mention in screen's CSS or Theme level

I hope this might help
If possible share your oml here


If((Date  = "Holiday", "HighlightHoliday","")  don't you think this will compare each date to only one holiday record in the entity? Each date should be compared to every holiday present in the table , if dates matched then color should change otherwise let it be the same. I haven't tried this just speculating. Thanks


You need to work around around on Css, there are different approach to achive this

  • On the Table that you want to change the color have foreignkey or some data on which you have to change color.
  • On you Style Sheet you need to define a class with the Css property you want to achieve.
  • Then go to column and on that coloum property you will see a style field.
  • On that field you have to apply your condition.

I have attached the Sample and Oml you can take a reference from it

Sample Screen

Hope this helps



I can't alter the entity structure as per the requirements ( as you said create a relationship). Is there any other way do this?. For reference :  I have a day entity that contains days (Integer attribute) from 1 to 31 and a Month static entity that contains all the months along with the no of days in them. So when the user picks a month record in the month gets updated and in the day aggregate the filter performs as Day.days > 1 and Day.days < Month.noofDays. User can off course pick year as well and that's how I am making the date by combining all three (day month picked (month.record) and year picked) 

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