UI Path cloud Connector API - Start Jobs parameter
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Reactive, Service

I'm trying to passing the below raw data for the startjobs api. but im unable to identify the issue. 

{ “startInfo”:{“ReleaseKey”: “12345ae04-f905-45d6-82e3-60ac50c95755”,“RobotIds”: [ 656835 ],“JobsCount”: 1,“MachineSessionIds”: ,“JobPriority”: “Normal”,“Strategy”: “All”,“RuntimeType”: “Testing”,“InputArguments”: “{}”}}

This issue like this  message": "Some of the robots provided don't exist.",   "errorCode": 1002, ...



Hello Veera,

Are you sure that robot exists and it's up and running? 

In the machine are you using the old Robot agent or are you using the UiPath Agent Desktop? 

The start job JSON I use is slightly different. I use; 

{    "startInfo":   { "ReleaseKey": "120f3a6b-bbbb-aaaa-b3e2-83769b513ac9",     "Strategy": "Specific",     "RobotIds": [ 999999 ],     "NoOfRobots": 0,     "Source": "Manual",     "InputArguments": ""   } }

 You can check the swagger for the service on your cloud using the following url: 

Best regards,

Miguel Amado

Hi Miguel Amado,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. The robot is running.

Im using UI Path Assistant to Run.

Trying this directly using  in OutSystems CloudUIPath REST with TriggerJob API.

I'm getting the same error after changed the parameter as you mentioned.

Thanks and Regards,


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