Text area unordered bullet list

I have a text area with below data

I need a logic in such a way that when user hits enter there should be a unordered list with bullet appearing automatically on the left side. Initially, a bullet should appear in the text area and user can type in data then he/she can press hit for next item and bullet for second item should appear automatically and they can enter text. 


Have you consider to use a CKEditor forge component ?

Below you will find  the links from two of several components available in the OutSystems Forge to implement it. 



That's just an idea. 



Hello Graça,

I have tried to implement this using CK Editor and Tiny MCE Editor. Right now, I am using Tiny MCE Editor, but I am unable to add bullet point when the user presses 'Enter' from the keyboard. I think I need javascript to implement this.

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