DataBase is almost full

Can I improve my database? It's almost full and I didn't input data yet

Can you show an image of how much you have storage?

For personal environments you "just" have 2Gb

If you want to clean you have some options

Check this post with some options that I give.



Hi, I just have 2 GB.. and I've used DB Cleaner on Steroids for free up more space but wasn't enough ( before was 156%) 

The worst it's I don't put any data yet.. and I need more space for datas... a lot of space

You are just using 6% for data

The problem is with the versions and applications you have as I can see in the system data description.

Yep... but it's just one app and it'll bigger

I don't know how improve my databse

And I wanna create more apps

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