RSS Feeds agregator

RSS Feeds agregator

Hello everyone.

I've been looking for a Feed Agregator made in OutSystems.

So far, I could only find two old examples. (Service Studio 3.2, user no longer exists) (even older and links not working)

Anyone around here has a recent component (version 5 ou 6) to read and store RSS/Atom feeds? It's not an uncommon functionality and I hope that someone has made something on this field for a news agency or a data comparison site.

I'd greatly appreciate any help.
Hi Nuno,

Have you taken a look into RSS?

Tiago Simões
Hi Nuno,

You can use RSS component for RSS feeds, as Tiago said.

If you need to read from Atom feeds, you can check Atom Feed Reader.

Hope it helps,

Sérgio Oliveira

Both for .NET? Too bad, I may need them in a Java instalation. Thanks anyway for the tips. They will be useful for most of the users.

I once made one in JSON without the archive feature. I'll try to adapt it and share the result with you.
Did you already made the java version available for java?
Well, currently making one myself ;)

No, that project got on hold.
I'm hoping to return to it soon (not in java, but in a cross-platform version), but I don't have a real date to start. It can be April, ou 2016 :p
Isn't RSS a simple XML file that we can load and process as such?
João, like everything in life, you can do it the smart way, or the hard way :)

You can read the RSS with HTTPGet in 2 minutes (that part I already did).
If all your RSS's are in the same format (a common blogging service, a company portal with several personal pages...) it is straightforward and you have it running in the same day.
But my ambition is to create something like planet. There are so many formats, that converting it to a standard structure will take days.