Get Users/Group list from Azure Active Directory

I am new to OutSystems and I already config Azure AD authentication by following Configure Azure AD Authentication - OutSystems 

Authentication is working OK, but Now my system need to getting Users/Group from Azure AD which not yet login my system. (Detail: User choose a Company => show list departments, User choose a Department => show list Employees inside that department).

Any suggestion for me?

Thank you so much.

Hi Toan,

The documentation you mention also has steps to populate the User entity, did you follow it?

Thanks, Kilian Hekhuis , I already finished "Azure AD Authentication", and I also already get Users/Group in Outsystems Users, But now I need to getting list users/group in Azure AD (not in outsystems users because these users not yet login in my website).

Any suggestion for me?

If it's in Azure itself, this doesn't seem the right forum?

Hi Toan,

that information is best retrieved via the Microsoft Graph API. There are some components on the Forge providing access to the users endpoints of Graph. 



Hey Toan,

Did you find any solution? Please share with me that I am facing an issue.

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