Export to Powerpoint

Export to Powerpoint


I'm doing an application that allows an user create powerpoints faster.
There is something in OutSystems like "Export to PowerPoint"? As there is "Export to excel"...

If not, I do an extension.

Plácido Miranda

as you asked.
Thanks for the help.
Hi Plácido,

Find attached an example solution that creates a powerpoint slide with a table, based on a PPTX template and a CSV file.

You will need to grant permissions to the user that is running the Web Server in your machine (the user that is runnign the process w3wp.exe) to use the Powerpoint COM. You need to check which user it is, since it might not be NETWORK SERVICE. After knowing the user, follow these instructions to grant permissions for the Powerpoint COM.

If you are running a 64-bit system, Powerpoint DCOM won't list in the Component Services unless you do as described here.

The project contains also a C# console app to be easier to debug.

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for the help.

I tried to use your solution but does not work, give me the following error.
"Falha ao obter a class factory COM para o componente com CLSID {91493441-5A91-11CF-8700-00AA0060263B} devido ao seguinte erro: 80070005."

As you said I grant permissions to the user, as you can see in attachment.

Can you help?