How to open an activity in a screen action? ActivityId?

How to open an activity in a screen action? ActivityId?

I'm creating an application with a Business Process. I got everything working with the EPA Taskbox, but I want to create some dashboard screens where users can quickly perform human activities, without using the taskbox.
I think the built-in ActivityOpen and ActivityClose actions will do the trick, however, I need the ActivityId to be able to use them. Is there a standard or built-in way to "query" the ActivityId I need? Or do I have to manually query it myself in the ossys_BPM_Activity table?
Hi Tim,
I think what you want to achive it is in the following post:
In that post Gonçalo explain how you can create a custom task box. Really good explanation.
In your case the query that you need to get all activities assigned to an user it's inside the user action BPM_GetUserActivities and that action is use in the Webscreen Home, take a look.
Nelson Baptista
Thank you for your reply.
I did see that topic, but since the oml heavily uses the Enterprise Manager, and i'm using 6.0, I didn't think it was going to be that useful.
I am looking at the eSpace now, hopefully I can figure it out with that example.

After some investigation, the "GetActivities" query seems not very useful in my case.
All I want is to get a list of activities, in a certain status. This seems not possible without at least using 2 or 3 hard-coded names to query the correct eSpace, Process, and Status. And hard coding names like that is very very bad practice...
Surely, there must exist a decent and easy way to achieve what I need. I'm simply not aware of it ;-)

Maybe the "API_GetActivities" action in the EPA_Taskbox eSpace, in combination with some manual query will do the trick. I'm going in that direction now.

I think I had the same need as you.

I wanted to have a screen that shows all pending tasks of the logged user. I also wanted that when a user clicks one task he gets redirected to the screen defined in the process.

I managed to do this using mainly 2 Actions:
  • the EPA_Taskbox API - API_GetActivities (used in "preparation")
  • The System - ActivityOpen (used in the link activity)
Hope this helped.

How did you fill in the required attributes for the API_GetActivitities action ...??? I'm having difficulties with that ...



Hi Eric,

First you need to set a new record Inbox_PaginationCriteria and assign the startindex and linecount (ex: startIndex=0, linecount=1000)
then just use this record as an input for the API_GetActivities along with the session.UserId