Hi guys,

This looks "easy", but I just can't do it.
I've got a mobile website that I want to show some info splited by city. But I just want to do a single select, so it's "faster", and after that split it into diferent record lists.
So,  or I either get a solution to tell the TableRecord that he only loads this city, or I get the values to an Local RecordList and get it to the RecordList.

The idea is to make it simple, so it does not take ages to load the page when acessing.
Hi Rodrigo,

I'm not sure if you really need multiple table records.
Since you are developing a mobile app, screen real estate is really important, so you should not should irrelevant information to the user.

Check out what was done in the Directory App. The App presents several hierarchies and uses just one table record, so maybe this can help you.

Kind Regards,
Hi joão,

I can understand your information display.
I'm using a container for each city, and a Container_ExpandCollapse.

I wanted to do one select, avoiding a select for each city, and if the user wants to see the store locations, just needs to exapand them.

But I will give it a try. Thanks for the tip !