Handling "RoleName role required" log error for Screen or DataAction access


In my project we want to disable the log for Security Exception (because we already analysed and all log were related to same cause, so we dont want to have those logs in our plate during some period of time), but for some reason, OutSystems only raise exception for screen security exception and not for data action access security exception. 

And because of that, we can only disable screen security log error and not data action security log error.

Cenario when this will happen: when the user is already in screen for some period of time, and lost the session. And if user click in some button those 2 exception will be trigger.

Anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


Data actions are technically server side actions, called as REST APIs from the client's browser.

As such, the global exception handlers may not apply when being ran from an unknown requestor.

I would suggest adding individual security exception handlers to your data actions, as the local handlers will take precedence if they exist.


This new implementation might help:


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