reCAPTCHA & Authentication

hi everyone!

i recently implemented reCAPTCHA in the Cases login screen
and it works great! =)

the thing is, i cant figure out how to implement the reCAPTCHA
for the Users login screen etc

does anyone know howto?

and while were at it, how secure is the standard outsystems login?
i mean regarding there normally is no CAPTCHA
anyone could let a bruteforce program do the cracking
or are there other precautions?

thank you!

reCAPTCHA will avoid spam bots, and yes it will also avoid bruteforce attack on the login screen.

You could download the component via
See Demo included in solution for details on how to implement reCAPTCHA into your agile platform application.

hi robert, thanks for the reply

im not quite sure if you understood me right
ive already got reCAPTCHA implemented
- the screen element
- the validation in the login process
- and the private-/public-keys

which works great for the cases login screen
but i dont seem to be able to change the users login screen
Hello Manuel

" i dont seem to be able to change the users login screen"

What are you trying to change on the login screen? unable to change the reCAPTCHA style? unable to change the login logic?
thanks for the reply robert

im trying to implement reCAPTCHA in the users login screen and logic
so it is not possible to login to user management, without getting past the CAPTCHA

but i cant really find the screen nor logic