java & .Net

java & .Net

hi every body , 
i back to you , to  reformulate my question : 
My team is reflecting about inserting and compiling  both .Net and java extensions in one single OML file  , so is it possible?

thank you.
Hello Aminata,

To clarify the behaviour/Definition of extensions.

Extensions(XIFs) are used by eSpaces(OMLs).

A single Extension can have both .Net and Java code in it, BUT, the code which you OML will run
will depend on the Stack that your Agile Platform is running.

Let me clarify:
If you have a Java Stack installed, your OML will consume the Java code of the extension.
If you have a .Net Stack installed, your OML will consume the C# code of the extension.

Therefore you can't consume Java & .Net code in the same Server.

I hope I could help!


thank u Pedro , 
this is exactly what i  thought,  thanks to you response ,  the difficulty will disappear in my team.
thank's again!