link to action


can I link externally an action?

Fusion Charts allows drill down by having a URL link in the data, and I wanted to link to an action, but I don't know how to reference the action, is there a URL for an action?


Rui Pereira

You can link your graph to a javascript action, here you can find more documentation about it:

When you are creating the XML you cand add the javascript action.

JavaScript: prefix :
provide single or multiple JavaScript functions or statements after JavaScript: prefix. e.g.,
<set label='USA' value='235' link="JavaScript:  CallOSAction();"/>
Create a hidden button  that executes the screen  action (do not forget to give a name to your button)

You can achive what you want, if, when you call the JS action and click the hidden button, this javascript code would look something like :
function CallOSAction(){
    osjs(function($) {


thanks a million Daniel

I'm glad that you sorted it out the solution, and, I'm glad i could help you.