Hello everyone!
I use the built in expression "Length" and i want this expression in dynamic form, when i writte one letter appears the number of characters.
How make this? With On Change? If the "On Change", how make this?

I attach the print of my espace.

Best Regards and Merry Christmas =)
Hello Paulo,

you have some options to do this. 

Simple way is to add an onChange and then in the that action, do the assign with Length( Message ), and then refresh the expression as shown bellow.

This way, the number will update as soon as you stop typing.

If you want to update that number everytime you type a letter, you need to create an hidden link ( style = display:none; ) this link will point ou to the same action above, name the link with something like hiddenLink. Go to text area extended properties and add onkeyup property and in the value "osjs('#"+hiddenLink.Id+"').click();" this will trigger the refresh action everytime you type.

These should do the job, let us know!

Thank you very much Miguel, you teach me a good thing today :)
The first way works perfectly but i try the second but not works.
Can you see if i make some thing wrong?

I attach my espace.

Thanks, Paulo Torres
Hello Paulo,

i'm here to help ;) as all people in this great community!

So, looking at your eSpace, you did some misunderstandings from what i said, but thats normal :)

See the attached file, i've changed it a bit, but did not have possibility to test it, so let me know if didn't work.

Hi Miguel,
Is amazing :)
Works spectacularly, one more thing than you teach me!

Merry christmas my friend :)
You are welcome!

have a nice Christmas too!