Unable to login on Service Studio

Unable to Login on Personal Environment in Service Studio and there no error messages at all.


Hi Yc Ma,

I hope you're doing well.

I can't see any error message on your screenshot. 

Maybe you wrote wrong the Environment, or/and the Username/Email or/and the password. 

Did you see if you have your environment wake up?

See here.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Hey, Fábio Miguel Ferreira Coelho

Thanks for your apply!

"I can't see any error message on your screenshot."

Yes! That's weird! I clicked the login button and there is loading animation, and that's all!

"Maybe you wrote wrong the Environment, or/and the Username/Email or/and the password. "

I clicked the "Open" button to open the Service Studio, and I'm quiet sure the enviroment is correct !

I'm also sure my email and password are correct, because I used them to sucessfully login on "outsystems.com".


That is very weird!

Do you see this in the section "My Platform"?

I recommend you open a ticket with OutSystems support and explain your situation - here.

You can also call the OutSystems Support Team:

I believe OutSystems will solve your issue very fast and you'll be able to connect to your environment as soon as possible.

Kind regards,



Maybe is related with network, you should try in another network if you can. Did you try to login in SC on phone?


I had the exact same problem. I created an account, was able to login on the website but when I installed service studio, it wouldn't let me login, no error just didn't do anything. The next day i tried again, and it magically worked. It's probably when you create an account, the account will work, but your personal environment is still getting configured.. I suggest you just have to wait untill the next day or couple hours to have it working. 

Look at the event logs of windows, it might give you some insight on the problems.

Maybe there is something blocking the connection which might not be related to your network but more towards your windows configuration or something else.

Link: https://success.outsystems.com/support/troubleshooting/getting_logs_for_troubleshooting_purposes/windows_event_viewer_logs/

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