Geo Location

Hi guys,
I’ve been challenged by the costumer for geo location.
I’ve tried the the Geo Ip Location, but I have version 6.0.1.x and I cannot deploy the extension.
I’ve been seeking on google, and I found it a bit inaccurate for what I need. Let’s say, I want a location so I can give the user the closest store. As this is a mobile app, as anyone used GPS if exists? I think it’s only possible if you do a native app, am I right?
Cheers !
Hello Francisco,

its possible also on web apps using a middle layer like PhoneGap. Take a look here its already "ported" to OutSystems.

I've already seen phonegap post before, but I got the Idea that it was actually to "convert" your outsystems app into a native app.
I've give it a clean look.
Thanks for the tip !

EDIT: I just found, the solution pack Tool is not compatible with my platform version Same error as the geo Location one.
I just have been told this morning about HTML5 geo location.
Thanks for the links, will defenetly be the way to go.

Thanks a lot !!
Hey Francisco,

did you build it using HTML5 geolocation hability?

Can you share a component?