Can I remote desktop to front-end server on Outsystems?
Hi Dung,

Yes you can remote desktop to a front-end server. You have to enable and configure your server to accept remote desktop connections. Depending on the Operating System running on the front-end, the way to do that might have some differences.

Which Operating System are you using?

Ivo Gonçalves
Thanks for answer, Ivo.
This server I get from Outsystems that runs on Outsystem Data Center?
I dont know how to connect to it or remote desktop and what version of operating system running. What I should do?

Hi Dung,

If it was the community version (free or trial), you can remote with te same url that appears on service studio. Should start with
If it was a cloud license that you buy from OutSystems, I think not. You just have access to Service Center.
Thanks Diogo,
I am going install SEO URL and SSL for server seems I cant do that.