IIS Application Pool User

Good morning everyone out there,

I am developing an Application, which needs to Access a Web Service. In order to Access the Web Service, I need to use a specific Application User, which I created on both server (outsystems IIS and Web Service IIS). I also set this User as the Application Pool User. My problem is that when I call the web service, it seems that NetworkService User is used, and therefore I get an error message The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. even though I set 'Integrated Authentication' on the Web Reference as 'Yes', and user used to access the WebService is NetworkService User.

Is there a way to instruct the eSpace to use the Application Pool User?

I am attaching the oml file in case anyone wants to take a look.Hide Message

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Hi Marios,

Not sure if this could help you, but you can always run an eSpace with a specified windows account by setting it in Service Center and then republishing the eSpace:

Tiago Simões

Hello Tiago.

Thanks! That was the solution to my problem. Thanks a lot! :)



Could you take a look at my post in this topic: CLICK. it's related to this topic where the logic is not really doing what I want it to do.

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