developing hybrid apps for android using outsystems agile platform

please i would like to have some tips on how to go about android hybrid apps by combining the OS with phonegap for android.i have developed some apps already but i used eclipse as my IDE environment.i saw the tutorial on using phone gap helper but it was done using xcode and mac via VM.i am doing a project under windows so any help with regards to combining agile platform and phonegap for developing android apps will be greatly appreciated.
Hello Tmlewin

I'm not a phonegap developer, nor a native Android or iOS developer, but let me try to guide you on the right track here.

Our video tutorial on Make your Mobile Web App Native with PhoneGap, shows the iPhone use case, by developing the iOS native phonegap app with Xcode, and loading the web application from OutSystems, using the Native Mobile Apps Enabler (with PhoneGap) component, which provides the javascript for iOS and Android integration.

For Android phones, the highlevel procedure should be similar, and although we don't have a step by step video tutorial, I did find a very interesting video tutorial at that shows the step by step process to create a PhoneGap application for Android using Eclipse, which is exactly your use case.

On this video tutorial, the presenter uses a local index.html file as an example. This is very similar to the iOS and Xcode video tutorial of our web site, so you only need to customize the index.html, and some Phonegap App code to perform the same tasks as our snippets in Xcode (objective C).

It should take some work, but if you have Phonegap experience, it should be easy, right?

Hope this info helps.

Feel free to post here questions and any trouble you bump into while doing it. I could try to help out.

If you get this working, you can share your knowledge with the Community, surely many will appreciate.


Miguel Simões João