"What's New in 6.0" quickstart Webinar, Feb 14th

"What's New in 6.0" quickstart Webinar, Feb 14th



Though the 6.0 version of the platform has been out for nearly one year, there are still many people involved in projects running on older versions of the Agile Platform.

If you have a good grasp of the Agile Platform but haven’t dipped your foot in the awesomeness of version 6.0 this is the ideal way to know what you’ll be in for when you upgrade!

Mário Araújo and Daniel Lourenço will be doing a "What's New in 6.0" webinar on February 14th that you should NOT miss. Everything, from the new Service Studio to the powerful Theme mechanics in 6.0 will be covered in this presentation!

Excited yet? Well, enrol in http://www.outsystems.com/company/events/web/agile-platform-60/ and join us on the day!


Quick heads up to let you all know that the recorded version of this webinar is now live!

Point your browsers to


and enjoy this fine presentation by Mike and Daniel!