yearly calendar....

yearly calendar....

hi all,
i copied the early calendar from Vacations apps and using it in my application, i set the properties and it is working..
but problem is in calendar week end days are saturday and sunday(their color are different by other working days).see the image below...
and here weekend days are friday and can i chang the weekend days color...
any help....

Hello Israr,
You are rendering a calendar from 2011 using a current date ("Start Date" parameter) in the year 2012. Can you try to set the "Start Date"'s year to 2011?
For example: "Start Date" = NewDate(2011,Month(CurrDate()),Day(CurrDate())).

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha
hi Vasco,
thank you for your time,ans startdate = currdate(), it will show the current year its working,its not problem.
problem is how to chang color of weekend days...? if u see the first month january in calendar, u will see weekend days are 1.2, 8.9, 15.16, so on.
but here weekend days are 31.1, 7.8, and 14.15. so i want to change their color.

Thank you....

Hi Isar,

The calendar is a Javascript generated image made by an expression on the block. 
You'll probably need to change the following code on the script (search for that on the code):

var weekend = [0,6];
var weekend = [5,6];
But I'm not sure if that's enough..

Hi HD,

thank you so much...
thats enough, and its works..

thank you again...