Updating data from an external database

Hi guys,
i successfully created a link to another sql instance to get a table from my ERP database, following the instructions of this link:
I could create a List Page and works like a charm! I even change some data from my ERp and there're reflections in outsystems.
But when I tried to create an Edit page I simple couldn't.
Is there any chance of this "dream" come true?
The update action wasn't created, only the create action for this erp entity. 
Can someone please give me a hand on this?
Many thanks and a great hug from Brazil.
Hi Andréa,

Does the table have a single primary key?
If it doesn't you'll need to create the edit page yourself and do an advanced query to update or create the record.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago, 
thanks for the quick answer.
In fact this table has 2 PK, it's really rare to main tables in ERP to have only one.

I'll try to make an advance SQL tonight and I'll give some feedback.