[AO Report] Does not report the same as OutSystem's AOs
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Forge component by Craig St.Jean
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Thanks for a nicely designed tool.

I ran this in my personal and a project subscription, and the number of AOs returned was more than what OutSystems reports.

I looked into it and could see a few issues in the query in the AO Probe.

  • The eSpace count needs to exclude a type of object count like this: AND ESPACE_OBJECT_COUNT.OBJ_KIND <> N'Flows_ServiceAPIMethod'
  • The extensions need to exclude extension 'DBCleanerOnSteroidsTables'
  • The espaces need to exclude espace 'BAM_Reports' and 'OutDoc'.

I am not sure why those particular extensions or eSpaces are not counted though.

I hope this helps.

Thanks again for a great component.

Kind regards,


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