Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility



What is the best way to keep apps full and cross compatible with the new browsers ?

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Hello !

Any ideas to share on this ?

About js no big trouble, because a js library, browser idependent, is loaded at begining.
Is it possible to force the load of a specific js lib ? At "Javascript" eSpace property for instance ?

And what about HTML and CSS ? Any ideas to easy adapt to new browser requirements ?
Where can I find fresh new content for Web-Style Sheet property ?
How to take full advantage from Web-Style Sheet property ?

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Outsystems should be compatible with most browsers.
Only if you do much custom stuff you should worry.

1. keep to standards

sadly it's manual testing to see if everything works.

although, I forgot the site, there is a site where you can post an url and it will render is all browsers you want, so you can see if everything is in order.

Hi Joost

Thanks for your replay.
The only thing more custom that I'm using, are the menus form LateralMenus eSpace, published by Luís Oliveira. When I pick the eSpace it seemed to me as a "semi-official" stuff :)
Perhaps OutSystems should implement a batch of validations tests to assure compatibility for 3rd party components published on the platform !
Thanks for the sugestion, I will look for that site, it seems to be very convinient.

Luís Silva
Very handy tool to test sites against multiple browsers