A "Process" can be launched on the creation of an entity record, but what about launch on the modification/updating of an entity record?

When the record User.Name is updated it should update Member.Name with the same content.  

Hi Robert,

Creating a process on modification is not scalable in almost all the possible scenarios.

Lets take your example of user name.
If we allowed the creation of the process on updates for the User entity, then 1 process would be created every time users logged in (it changes the LastLogin).

Also in your example I think the problem here is the replication of the information.
If Member is an extension of the User, why does it have to have the Name replicated?

João Rosado

Thanks for the prompted response, it make sense.

As for duplication of records, this was done on purpose, there is a complete copy of the user table, this is the only duplicate table.

The alternative solution:  Without the the agile platform "Process" to automate on entity update, we could resolve this issue by doing the following
1) Login: update members table upon user login, check if any record has changed and sync the records that has changed externally. (use custom user Update<Entity>action)
2) EditRecord: update user table only when member table has changed. (use custom user Update<Entity> action)
3) EditRecord: update member table only when user table has changed. (use custom user Update<Entity> action)
4) Process: create member table when user record has been created externally.(use automated process )

Why duplicate the user entity to begin with?

Reason:  Outsystem does not support bigint, and building a cloud application without the support of bigint/int64 is an issue.

We do not know when outsystems will fix this issue, no other enterprise client/customer will face this  sameissue unless they too decide to build a cloud application.
If outsystems never fixed this issue we are safe as our applications makes no reference to the system.user entity table other than to link back to the agile platform and have the agile platform manage user session.