upload widget and css

upload widget and css


A client requested that a new application follow their image and app standarts.
The app css was changed for Header, Menus and BUTTONS. It worked and not that difficult.

BUT: the upload widget BROWSE buttons  do not change. Every other button follows thew new css. Looked everywhere but to no avail.

Any ideas?

I know this is old but it remains unanswered and I have the exact same requirement... does anyone know how to amend the css to change the 'Browse' button?
Hi Gary,

That is usually a common problem since each browser has a totally different style and they do not let costumization.
Googling a bit got this as first hit: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21842274/cross-browser-custom-styling-for-file-upload-button

Basically the suggestion is to move the input to an off-screen position (position: fixed; top: -1000px;) and add a <label> element for it. Then customize the that label instead.

João Rosado
Thanks Joao I'll give it a try..!