popup editor as a list...

Hi all,
how can i open popup up editor by clicking a button,and want to show list of items prices purchased recently.

actually i want to show user a button where he click and can see the prices of  items recently purchased, by different supplier,
and he can change item by drop down list to see the prices of different supplier of selected item..
is this possible in popup editor...?

Thanx in advance
Hi israr,

On which version do you work? Since in the more latest version it's possible to assing the popup editor to a button. If this isn't possible for you, you can set the button to call an action and in that action you click a hidden link (with popup editor widget) in the screen with the widget_click action (also richwidget). In that case the popup must be shown.

In the popup itself you can set the data/logic you want (so in you're case a list with latest purchases).

Kind regards,
Hi Evert,

 i am working in

i got some idea.
thank you for help,