Agile Platform 7.0 is just around the corner! Launch at NextStep 2012?

Agile Platform 7.0 is just around the corner? 7.0 to be announced and released at NextStep 2012 on the 10th of May?

What will be featured? :) Provide support for Cloud/SaaS/On-demand Apps? more web/mobile/tablet apps themes? custom intelliwarp? ServiceStudio SDK?
I know stuff, but because of that, certain promising people of outsystems are still in the netherlands hiding from the wrath of R'n'D :)

Serious, we can specualte, but we simply have to wait till the NextStep!
There was a small thing said about it in the webinar yesterday :).

It was recored so think you'll need to wait when it's live (webinar)

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Thanks Evert! 

I missed that webinar, it was boardcasted at 3am! :)

It was not much they announced, had more to do with the java part of the platform. 

The webinar itself was nice to see, for me the most importent part was about the themes. The other stuff is what they showed on the NextStep Netherland (with some more steps and explaination).

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I could tell you, but then I would have to shoot you... and I can't afford to lose the people on this thread. :)


Dear Miguel,

Please tell us; we all know you're a bad aim! :)

Webinar is up now!

Nice! Java will be in sync with .NET :) 

Thats really good news for JAVA developers!


Thats indeed what was said in the webinar :).

Sorry to keep you waited...;)

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Any bets how many WotC ideas will be implemented?
My bet is that it will be (slightly) below 779 (total - released), but more than my 2p thought about this I will not be betting :)  

Is OS still paying attention to the WotC then?

I can only hope they at least implement the top 10 most voted.

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Hi guys,

We're still actively listening and monitoring WotC and using all of your feedback to improve the product. The particular scope of v.7.0 didn't make it possible to focus on the top 10 liked features though, as each particular release sometimes takes the focus out of disparate features and more into solving some particular use cases or "themes" end to end. Even so, I can let you know that we're working on and introducing more than 15 ideas from WotC in this major release...
Which ones? Well, we'll have to wait until NextStep!
So keep on giving your feedback; we're listening and doing the best as we can to fulfill your expectations!

My money is on focus on "Cloud", "Mobile", and "Themes"

1) New features for Cloud 99.99%, sure (If outsystems does not focus on the cloud, something is very wrong! )
2) Improved mobile features 50%, sure (this one is a maybe, but there is big room for improvement here, mainly UI/UX)
3) Improved intelliwarp feature 100% sure (this one is obvious)
4) New 7.0 theme 99.99999% sure

Whats a new version without a new theme!? of cause there will be a new theme!
(maybe one with a left sidebar, like a traditional ipad app?)
Themes are just dress-up, I'd rather see some usability improvements, like we got from 5 -> 6 (but we're not there yet).